Call out to the ladies!

This is a call out for interviewees!

I’ve been asked to put together an article about how so many women are drinking good beer and would specifically like to know:

  1. Do you drink beer
  2. When do you drink it? Is it just in certain situations?
  3. What do you like about it
  4. What type of styles do you prefer
  5. Are there any styles you avoid (e.g. Bitter?)
  6. Do you enjoy a pub, or find it too male orientated?
  7. If you don’t go to the pub, where do you go?
  8. Do you prefer cask ale? Lager? Or the ambiguous ‘craft’ beer?

It’s for Roger Protz’s website, please let me know in the comments or by e-mail on wilesaboutbeer[at] if you are happy to take part!



  1. Do you drink beer? YES – a visit to Bruges really helped get me into it.

    What do you like about it? Complex flavours, vast variety, light or heavy to suit your mood. I drink it slower than wine. Great with food.

    What type of styles do you prefer. Stout or porter or just a nice generic brown ale.

    Do you enjoy a pub, or find it too male orientated? Love the pub, I’m lucky to have an ale pub nearby they cheered menu weekly. Not bothered about the men, I find it’s become more acceptable that women enjoy beer now too.

    If you don’t go to the pub, where do you go? Buy in supermarkets and drink at home too

    Do you prefer cask ale? Lager? Or the ambiguous β€˜craft’ beer? Not bothered by lager. Love cask ale & craft beer. I’ll try anything.


  2. I love real ales and finding out about new breweries around me. I’ve just moved from the North East and my goal is to source good local ales. I drink alone and am not intimidated by going into new pubs. I’m also a TripAdvisor fan and love to give feedback.


  3. I love drinking beer and have been a convert for approx three years. Easy to drink – so many flavours and easier than wine in that you can drink lots without getting a fuzzy head. I like all the styles! Favourites are sours, gose, ipas and abbys. I have to say here that we have a microbrewery as part of our business – mostly cask ales but we do keg some of the hoppier beers as it does make them ping. I’m not the brewer or an expert – we sell our own beer and 100s of guests on cask, keg and bottled. I must have had 100s of beers by now – tend to like all or none of a breweries beers. Love drinking in pubs and never feel out of place – I love a trendy craft beer bar and a quite real ale orientated pub equally – if I don’t like somewhere it’s usually only if staff are rude. I love a place where the staff know what they are talking about – or at least give it a good go – if I’ve never heard of a beer then I want someone to tell me about it and lend it a bit of integrity before I buy it. I really do love beer – there are always new ones to try on cask and keg. Matching beers with food works well – especially cheese! Porters and Stouts work all year round I find – probably our crap weather. Go to beers at home – (apart from our own beers of course) punk IPA, heart and soul, any cloudwater DIPAs, spontainbasil (all time favourite), smog rocket and sirens calypso- but this list changes every month.


    • Thank you Sarah! What’s your microbrewery’s name? I’d love to check out some of your beers.

      Totally agree with you regarding stouts and porters, particularly with cheese, yum! I have to say though I’ve never quite gotten into the sour beers – tried a Lambic in Brussels and it’s put me off for life!

      Will let you know if I have any other questions, just collating responses now.



    • Hi Dale, thanks for getting in touch! I’d be really interested to hear more – particularly as it sounds like you’ve stopped drinking wine to switch totally to beer. Would you mind dropping me a line on to tell me a bit more? Why you switched from wine, does it impact on your social life, etc?


  4. Hi there if you have not already heard of them Katie look up “ladies that beer” they originally were a Liverpool based ladies social group promoting the drinking of good beer, i would certainly get in touch with them. It’s @ladiesthatbeer


  5. 1 – YES!!!!
    2 – Friday’s and Saturday’s mainly.
    3 – Refreshing, low ABV (compared to wine), the story behind the beer, thirst-quenching,
    4 – Pale ales and session ales, lower ABV (around 3.5-4.5%)
    5 – Stout and Porters
    6 – LOVE a pub, never feel they are male orientated
    7 – N/A
    8 – All about craftbeer – local, independent and handmade.


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