Bold flavours from Edinburgh


After a few months’ off from blogging due to the arrival of a slightly demanding but completely adorable little girl, I’m finally back to my beer-tasting ways. Now that I can finally get my hands on some alcoholic brews, I thought I’d start with the new Paolozzi beer range from Edinburgh Beer Factory.

The six beer range follows the groundbreaking original Paolozzi, a Helles style lager which undergoes 5-6 weeks of proper lager conditioned and remains unpasteurised for full flavour. Having won various SIBA and World Beer Awards over the year, I thought it was a great place to kickstart my return to the beer world.

Paolozzi Helles Lager (5.2% ABV) – 8/10


Named after the Scottish ‘father of pop art’, Eduardo Paolozzi,  this beer is as easy on the eyes as it is on the tongue. Gold and hazy in appearance with a thin head, it is quite a smooth brew, with a great mouth-feel and light aroma. It has gentle herbal hop notes and is incredibly well-balanced. It boasts a lot more taste than your commercial lager, and one I’d highly recommend.

Edinburgh Z.E.E.P. Mediterranean Pale (3.5% ABV) – 6/10


This pale ale may be low in alcohol, but it’s packed full of flavour. It has a distinctive hoppy bitterness to set it apart from your typical pale ale. A fruity nose with a hint of rosemary leads way to a relatively sharp taste that can only be described as very juicy. It’s definitely a beer that grows on you, I found it a bit jarring at first sip but much more pleasant and smooth tasting by the end.

Soho Jazz Cherry Saison (6% ABV) – 10/10


This fruity saison took me by surprise by being my absolute favourite! I’m not usually a fan of cherry, but the overall effect was actually a hint of tartness to balance out the sweetness. A traditional Belgian farmhouse style, this beer ticked all the boxes for me. Very easy to drink, this brew will be an instant hit for anyone who loves a wheat beer – with a twist of Montmorency cherries. Very highly recommended.

Moonstrips Smoky Wheat (5% ABV) – 5/10


A classic Bavarian wheat beer meets a smokey wood fire. This brew had a good head when poured with a hazy, gold appearance. I thought I’d like this one more but actually did find the smoky taste a bit overpowering – I’m not sure I could have more than one. That being said, I can’t think of a better beer to have with some smoked cheese or sausage, ideally while wandering around the Christmas markets in Germany.

Untitled IPA (5.5% ABV) – 4/10


I found this IPA a bit overpowering. It had a lot of head when poured and a hazy, almost orange tinge to it, with quite a fruity aroma. It was a bit too tangy and fruity, followed by a bitter aftertaste. As I’m not a huge fan of strong bitters or overly juicy brews, it wasn’t quite the one for me.

Futurism Modern Brown (6% ABV) – 7/10 


I found this brown quite appealing as it came out closer to a porter or stout (which I love). Very dark in appearance with a lot of head when poured, it had a strong malty nose and lovely coffee and chocolate flavours. With a velvety texture and prickly mouthfeel, this is the perfect drink to get you through the cold winter months.

Overall, I was really impressed by the Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Paolozzi line up. While not every single one of the brews was to my taste, their line up shows a great deal of innovation and creativity, with bold flavours and styles in every brew.

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